“British author J (for Johnny) Jupes falls into that fascinating world of unclassifiable authors: his genre embraces mystery (as suggested by his series designator ‘The Detectives That Don’t Fit’) and humor and off the wall verbiage that is a pure delight to read. According to Jupes, he writes ‘pulp and dystopian novels and likes having a cover image in front of him before even thinking about the first word. Raised by a strict English playwright, Jupes can't stomach convention.’ And to say more would distract form the experience of reading his well-crafted novel HAIRSPRAY AND LIGHTER . . . .” Grady Harp

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ORPHAN PAPER is searching for writers that keep a spare cigarette behind one ear and used gum under their seat. That’s not a requirement but desirable. So here’s your cover, your pseudonym and your title. Now write the book.

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Cover design by Coates Walker.

Cover design by Coates Walker.