Buried Treasure

The other day a guy stopped by our place with a real fancy metal detector. He said he had noticed that our place was probably at least 100 years-old, and a good chunk of property so wondered if I would mind him looking around. I told him it was okay with me but wanted to accompany him and we should split anything that might be of value. He agreed, so off we went into the pasture. 

We started the search at the northeast corner, slowly walking a straight line. The guy, named Dave, waved his detector back and forth, keeping it close to the ground. The gadget had blinking lights, made "beeps" and other sounds. It was "high-tech.” Dave just got the thing so was still learning. He kept making adjustments by turning knobs and so-forth. 

After a short while his detector began beeping so we stopped on that spot and I started to dig using a small camp shovel. I dug about six inches down when I found the rusty horse shoe. Not worth anything, but I tossed it in the bucket. I was responsible for both the shovel and the bucket. The detector kept beeping so I continued to dig. The beeping was loud, and the orange light on the contraption blinked rapidly. We thought there might be something big down there.

After I had dug about a foot and a half deeper, I thought it might make sense to fetch a larger spade in order to speed up the search. I went to the shed, got a garden shovel and dug, and dug, the detector beeping and blinking but found nothing. I tossed unkindly and uncooperative rocks out of the hole, now about three feet deep, and paused for a moment to ask Dave if he was sure the detector was working properly. He assured me it was. He had bought it brand new.

About the time I noticed I was standing shoulder-deep in the hole, I told Dave I was about to give-up. If he wanted to continue digging, I was willing to hold the metal detector. I tossed the shovel out of the hole. As soon as I did, the detector's beeping and blinking stopped. 

"Good grief,” I said to Dave. “We have been detecting the damn shovel!"