Bus #53

Bob Whithabey wore his lucky blue rabbit head attached to a fob on the belt loop of his pants as he rode bus #53 from Seattle to Emerald Downs in Auburn to play the ponies. It was Saturday, and the bus was crowded. Some riders who saw his lucky blue rabbit head thought it was weird; some thought it was gross, but eight-year-old Tom Bernard thought it was really cool. He asked Bob Whithabey where he got it. Bob told him he made it from one of the rabbits he raised for meat. Tom told him he sure would like to have one of those, so Bob told him if he's on the bus next Saturday he will give him one. Tom told Bob he would be on the bus, and was very excited. 

When Tom got his lucky blue rabbit head from Bob the following Saturday he hooked it to a belt loop and would look down at it throughout the day with great satisfaction. "This is the coolest thing I have ever had!" he thought to himself. 

When the boys at Tom's school saw his lucky blue rabbit head they overflowed with envy. They all wanted one, and asked Tom where he got it. Tom told them, so the boys planned to be on bus #53 next Saturday. It came to pass that when bus #53 arrived at the West Seattle Junction the following Saturday, five eight-year-old boys stepped aboard and anxiously scanned the seats looking for a man wearing a lucky blue rabbit head on his hip. 

They took their seats with a tad of anxiety in their hearts when they didn't see Bob Whithabey. Anxiety changed to glee when they saw a man board the bus when it made its stop at Rat City. The man wore a lucky blue rabbit head on his hip. The more outgoing of the boys approached Bob Whithabey a minute or so after the bus pulled away and asked if he knew where he and his pals could get a lucky blue rabbit head like the one he had. Bob replied he was going to butcher some rabbits ten days from then; so if the boys were on the bus Saturday after next he would bring them each one. 

"We'll be here!" said the boy, and he didn't even try to hide his excitement. When he told the other boys the news they were elated, and wished with all their hearts that they could watch Bob Whithabey butcher the rabbits, but didn't want to risk asking too much of him.

After the boys got their lucky blue rabbit heads from Bob Whithabey they attached them to their belt loops and proudly wore them to school the following Monday. When their teachers saw them they said "Oh, no! You can't wear those disgusting things to school!" They took the heads away from them and put them into desk drawers. 

The boys all agreed that there was no way in hell they were going to let the teachers keep their lucky blue rabbit heads. At the first opportunity, they took them back and thought to themselves: "consequences be damned!" 

During the week the boys were suspended from school, they hopped on bus #53 wearing their lucky blue rabbit heads on their hips for all the world to see. They decided they would look for Bob Whithabey, and if they found him they made-up their minds that they would ask him if the next time he butchered rabbits they could go to his house and watch. They figured they had nothing to lose by asking. If he said "yes," it would more than make-up for being grounded from TV and video games for a month, or even a year, for that matter.

wabbit 1dd.png