Dawn flooded west across Houston like blood backwashing into the grey dope filling that 

Dawn flooded west across Houston like blood backwashing into the grey dope filling that morning’s syringe. The dealer, mouth wide open, arm raised, stood frozen, like a prehistoric peat man, until the blue and white Plymouth Volare made its turn onto B and everything began to move. The man cawed, “No Joke, No Joke, No Joke”  and the others joined in, all clumped into the vendor’s space on the east side of the block between 2nd and 3rd. The patrol car’s windows were rolled down, the two blueberries slumped in their seats, staring ahead as the brand names Cash, Chinatown, Poison, echoed through gutted space like deep flamenco song. Something was happening that wouldn’t happen again. The air could be torn at any moment and no one had a clue what would come spilling out. The city was on the verge of shattering.

The Radio Mobile Patrol passed through the next intersection while a few feet over on 4th, bucket hats, hoodies, Adidas trackies, all lined up. The head of a kid wearing a Mets cap was framed inside a jagged hole sledge hammered through the bombed-up cinder block wall a week before. The kid handed the man in a wheel chair a tiny glassine envelope, and the line moved forward. In the next block, a torn tan polyester suit pushed his way out two cracked glass double doors creating a skewed reflection of the RMP’s white stripe as it passed, a frosted red bulb over the frame making it for an after-hours club. He spun, plastered, already falling then fell, flat on his face. The officers listened to salsa popping inside just before the doors pulled shut. In the next block a sloppy fist fight, nothing serious; in the next, three people, hands touching their faces, tilting, jerking, on the nod. The cops smelled coffee and fresh bagels before making their right onto 14th. Crossing C, the car slowed in front of a dirty walk-up, sandwiched between two other dirty walk ups, while the driver lit his last cigarette of the shift.

Hekate Gold Classic Series

Hekate hopes to shortly publish the first volume of its Gold Classic Series. Pending permision from the translator's estate, we are thrilled to offer Nikolai Gogol's The Overcoat paired with Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Double, both translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett.

Our idea is to offer thoughtful and overlooked books from the past to a modern reader. Annotated and re-introduced by Hekate, we offer these at the lowest price we can manage. The idea is enabling access to brilliant writing.

We are looking for translators with interests in specific authors or works.

Book Release - Ramonst

Hidden in the Mountains of East Tennessee, eleven-year-old Rodney goes about the business of being a boy during the summer of 1970. In the playground of his grandmother’s overgrown garden, he bears silent witness to the relentless cruelty of a teenage psychopath.

Rodney’s narrative of his family, flung between terror and innocence, is set in a small community carved from legacies of poverty, coal mining and religion.


Ramonst is the second novel from author A.F. Knott.

Available to buy in paperback, epub, epub3, and Kindle.

Click here to read the first three chapters

For non-UK orders on the paperback - Amazon is the cheaper option. Click here to buy.


Book Release - The Trainee

zzr_The Trainee Collage Cover 1.jpg

It's 1982. Rodney Pepper, a socially inept college drop-out, is thoroughly dissatisfied that his knowledge of life has been derived from television and misinterpretations of 20th century literature. Fixated on the belief that suffering will lead to Wisdom, he decides that New Orleans is the perfect destination to immerse himself in despair and abject misery. Barely off the bus, Rodney is accosted by a man claiming to be his long lost Uncle who thrusts upon him an unexpected and unwelcome pirate legacy. As he looks for work and moves between dilapidated downtown rooming houses, he is preyed upon by underworld agents and bears witness to archaic tortures. Mayhem and skullduggery, both imagined and real, follow him at every turn. Can he decipher a dead man's code and locate what lies hidden before he himself is buried?

Available to buy in paperback, epub, epub3, and Kindle.

Click here to read the first three chapters.

For non-UK paperback orders: Amazon is cheaper, click here to buy.

Two Big Little Books

Two Big Little Books

We've created a new category: books which have inspired or interested us. The reading inclinations and interests of Rowan differ from me. I doubt she would choose a book written by a poet. This is fine. The descriptions will be short and intended as suggestions for a reading list. Below are mentioned two short books written by well-known poets on subject matter for which they had a passionate relationship.